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Too much to do...not enough hours

15 January
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My husband, John, and I have been married since June 2001. Our daughter, Sophia, just turned four and our son, Devlin, is two. We live in a house in Jordan, MN. We have three cats, Moxi, Mac and Cinder.

I graduated from Absarokee High School in Montana and then from the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul, MN. I am currently pursuing an MBA from Metropolitan State in Minneapolis, MN.

I am a CPA - I do tax work of almost all types.

My family lived in Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota and Montana. I moved to Minnesota for college and have been here ever since - which is now over three times as long as any other state in my life.

My not immediate family consist of Mom (Linda), Dad (Marv), one sister (Karen), two brothers (James & Alex), and four nephews (Malachi, Alex, Nathan & Austin). They all live in Montana.

If this all sounds familiar - My password to my previous logon went awol and only goes to my former work email so I am starting this account...